Why “Everything But The Kitchen Sink”?

A good question. Blogs seem to have so many creative names, cute quirks, and intelligent and humorous tag lines that coming up with a title was something of a challenge. That’s before I even started writing any posts. The thing is, I’ve tried blogging a few times and without much success. Motivation, ability, finding a unique edge have all played a part in my blogging failure. That, and a not-so-quiet voice inside my head that keeps telling me that blogging is a slightly narcissistic practice with the aim of getting people to give you a cyber pat on the back and boast your ego to boot.

However, I also really enjoy writing and am keen to become a better writer. I can’t sing, dance, paint, draw or make things so playing with words remains my only creative outlet. Having decided that I’d be willing to share my words with those few who might be interested, I decided a blog wasn’t such a terrible idea after all. Decision made. Now for a name, oh, and some content. Which brings me back to the first question: why, “Everything But The Kitchen Sink”?

Over the years (most of my 28 years) I’ve had various problems with anxiety disorders. I see it has having a reoccurring back problem or asthma – something that’s always there to greater or lesser degrees. Anyway, at one point, about 3-4 years ago, checking was a big struggle. Leaving the house became my daily exercise as I did laps of my flat, checking plugs, the oven, hair straighteners, (I’ve never learned to embrace the wave), my boyfriend (breathing? yep, good), lights, and etc. It reached the stage, that particularly if D. was away, I’d take things like hair straighteners to work with me, just be sure they were off. I know, crazy.

While I think the stigma around mental health issues is lowering, it is still something I feel most comfortable talking about via humour. (Whether or not I make it funny is an entirely different matter; but social anxiety is a topic for another day.) The joke, with my extremely supportive younger sister, was that she envisaged me driving off to work with the contents of my house piled in the back for me to ‘check’. We decided it would work, except I’d still be worried about the taps. Hence, everything but the kitchen sink had a different meaning for me. (As it goes, I am also terrible at packing light.)

When I sat down and decided to give blogging another go, several names and ideas presented themselves, but this made the most sense. I feel it sums me up – I like to think of everything, plan everything, try (most) things, go places and so on. This isn’t always (often many people in my life would argue!) a good thing, but it is who I am. So, I intend to write with this in mind: stories, anecdotes, for-what-it’s-worth opinions, a bit about this and a bit about that. If anyone reads and has a bit of this or a bit of that to write back, that’d be lovely. Here I go, a little flurry into the world of blogging.


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