We All Need A Goal

Run a half marathon, do a language course, write my blog every day. These are all goals I’ve made in the past and am still (sort of) working on. We all need goals to motivate us and give us a sense of achievement. I decided, however, it was time for some fun goals too. So, as silly as they sound, here are some goals to whip my nerves into shape and turn me into a twenty-first century, anxiety-free rebel:

– Don’t answer the phone, even if I am free. They can wait!
– Leave the washing up overnight. No one is going to visit anyway. And if they do, and they judge me for not doing the washing up, ditch ’em.
– Leave work five minutes before I’m supposed to. A whole five minutes.
– Tell one person that you disagree with them. (Obviously in a very British way: “I see what you mean, but perhaps..”)
– Leave the house without checking the oven is off. Or smelling for gas.
– Write the email; send the email. The world can live with one missing comma.
– Go out and leave the bathroom window open.

I can feel anarchy breaking out already…


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