Hitting the Pause Button

There is a running joke in our house based around my heartfelt wish to be and act just like “a normal person.” My husband takes, quite rightly, issue with this. What on Earth, he often asks, do you even mean by that? It’s as if I believe in some universal normal-person behaviour that we just didn’t get the manuel for, rendering everything we do abnormal.

Anyway, an example of what I feel is my non-normal person behaviour centres around Saturday mornings. Possibly the best, or second best, depending on how you feel about Sundays, morning of the week, right? You don’t have to get up, there are a whole two days stretching before you, no rush, no stress. And what do I do? Clean. And why do I clean? Because I must clean.

Today is a good example. We’ve got friends coming around later, (In 7 hours time to be precise) and I need to clean up. A bit. You know throw a duster at things, sweep the bits you can see, make sure we have enough clean forks. I am not obsessively clean; I am obsessive about getting the cleaning up done on time. I feel an overwhelming urge, that compels me to get on with because it feels like I won’t be able to relax until the 45 minutes of tidying up is done 6 hours before it needs to be done.

Every weekend we have this. Even on weekends when we don’t have any plans. I can’t believe I’ll be able to enjoy the weekend until I’ve done these things that I believe I absolutely must do. And I hate it. It definitely doesn’t feel normal.

This morning, like every Saturday, D. got a bit annoyed. Pointing out that it doesn’t make sense. It’s not healthy. He suggested doing some exercise.

I started doing these 15 minute workouts with a colleague at work when we were both in wedding-dress training(yep, that is a thing). It’s great: 30 seconds ‘on’ (star jumps, sit-ups, press ups etc) and 10 seconds off for about 15 minutes.

It isn’t going to get you winning Mr and Mrs Muscle 2014, or have you running a marathon, but it does serve a very useful function. It makes you stop. Stop obsessing. Stop stressing. Stop cleaning. Our house will be straight when our friends come around. Not that they’d mind anyway. Hopefully they’re coming to see us, not inspect how dusty it is behind the TV (very).

It doesn’t matter what it is, but if you can find your pause button, don’t forget to use it.


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