Who Keeps You Going?

I am a big fan of Kid President – the videos and blogs are just a cool, optimistic way of looking at life and giving you a cyber kick up the backside. His latest video, which coincides with the fall of the Berlin Wall, 25 years ago yesterday, poses the question  who keeps you going? I had a little think about this and came up with a nice list. I don’t feel the need to share that list, but I did want to share the thoughts it provoked.

You see, it didn’t just get me thinking about who kept me going, who propped me up, who gave me good advice; it got me thinking about how lucky I am to have several people willing to do that. Just lately I’ve been worrying so much about pleasing people, not annoying people, not being laughed at that I forgot about all the people who just love and accept me. Let’s do life for them. As a thank you!

I wonder who keeps you going? And thanks to Kid President for the Pep Talk – today was the best Monday in a long while.


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