Going Around in Circles

A lot of life is the repetition; your daily routine, hobbies, conversations and so on. And that’s completely fine, as long as you like the things you are repeating.

Round and round
Round and round

I do most of the time: I am lucky enough to like my job, have a great husband, family and friends. The things I do, the places I visit, the people I see, I could gladly repeat for the rest of my life. The way I think, though, that circle is often vicious and ready for breaking. The demons need to be ignored, the worry brushed off and the anxiety remodelled and worked into something else – positive action perhaps. Repeating unhelpful thinking, letting it take control, that’s a routine I’m tired of.

So how to get past it and out of the habit? Life in a bit of a rut? Take up a new hobby. Relationship wobbling? Plan a nice date. Intrusive thoughts bashing you over the head on a daily basis? Not so sure…

There are lots of things out there to help. (I recently read some inspiring words lately, including: over prepare, then go with the flow. Thanks, Regina Brett) But, ultimately, I know it’s like a diet, an exercise routine or maintaining a relationship. It takes will power and effort. It takes giving yourself a good talking to. Taking on those thoughts and calling them out on their ridiculousness and resisting the temptation to indulge. It looks a little something like this:

This morning, some fear about my tax hit. I countered attacked with the thought who deals with tax on a Sunday.

Later, the week ahead kept knocking on the door: I slammed it closed with a Sunday stroll and a to-do list to be checked out tomorrow.

Next, the idea I might have left the heating on buzzed around; I swatted that one with thoughts of how nice it’d be to come back to a warm house.

And so on and so forth. Negative thoughts bought into check and challenged, not allowed to take over. I am a little tired of fighting, but I’m happier and it’s getting easier. My resolution for this week: enjoy the round and rounds I love; redirect the ones I don’t.


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