Monday is the New Friday

Over the weekend, some friends E-mailed and invited us out; because we had other plans, we had to say no. That’s okay – the plans we had were nice ones and enjoyable, but I hadn’t seen these friends in a while and was disappointed to be missing an opportunity to catch up. It’d have to wait until a later in the week, or even the weekend.

But, of course it doesn’t. Work takes eight or so hours out of every twenty-four. What about the rest of that time? I decided to invite previously mentioned friends over for dinner. On a Monday. A school night. What a rebel!

So, between 4.30 pm and 7 pm, I spent time getting the house together after the weekend (cursory clean and dust), food shopping (the shops are shut on a Sunday, so by Monday, the cupboards are often a little sparse), and generally getting ready to welcome people.

It’s been brilliant; normally on Monday evening, tiredness, laziness and it’s-oh-so-long-until-the-weekend take over. But not tonight. In between the bits that had to be done, I did washing and made some soup. It’s been productive, I’m not dwelling on today or fretting about tomorrow.

Of course, we don’t always have to be busy; however, it is nice once in a while to dress Monday up as Friday and see what else gets done.

Happy Week!


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