Sunday Morning, or The Two Breakfasts Treat

What do you do with your Sunday morning?

I usually sleep through a good proportion of them, waking up with a slight headache from the evening before. I argue with my husband over whose turn it is to make the tea, make three attempts to get up, before, having lost the argument again, stretching out on the fourth attempt and padding through to the kitchen.

Fruit tea, breakfast muffin and marmite in hand, I’ll usually head through to the living room, get out my laptop and peruse Facebook, my E-mails, WordPress, and, eventually, the news. It’s a nice time to send E-mails and catch up on news, warm and cosy in PJs on the sofa.

Then, occasionally, like this morning, I’ll give myself an extra little treat: a second breakfast. More tea isn’t required, and breakfast muffins have to be spread over the days, so it’s toast that gets pimped up with butter and marmite, leaving me full and satisfied, ready to commit to another half an hour on the sofa.

And I know it’s lazy and greedy; I know there is washing to do and pots to put away, but right now, I’m calm, comfortable and safe from winter and worrying, so I think I’ll just enjoy it.

What are your Sundays like?


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