Blogging Around the Christmas Tree

I am writing this from the comfort of a family home in England. One of the joys of living abroad is coming home at Christmas to see family and friends, have some quiet time, and, as much as I love my life abroad, forget about it for a while. There is a beautiful Christmas tree next to me, twinkling and covered in silver and gold decorations, the room is still warm from last nights roaring fire, and I am cosy in my favourite pyjamas.

This post isn’t really about anything; I’ve just not written for a while and thought I would. I’ve been in a bit of a fog lately to be honest. Tired, sad about nothing, lacking motivation or energy. And I have been really worried. Worried about what people think of me, leaving things on, forgetting things, losing things. Bah Humbug Mr. (or Ms.) Worry, why did you have to turn up now? Very mean spirited of you – go and have a mulled wine and a mince pie, that’ll cheer you up.

It is Christmas, although not being particularly religious, I don’t really know what that means. It is a nice to time to not work, relax and take stock of the year though. I got into (and got a lot out of) blogging, I got into jogging and I got married. Not a bad year.

2015, who knows what you hold. But for now, let’s not worry about the past or look to the future, let’s focus on those warming lights, that loved one you’ve not seen in a while and the things we’re blessed to have. Merry Christmas.


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