Good Morning World! How Is 2015 So Far?

Perhaps January 1st really is just another day. I mean, it almost certainly is just another day, but I’d rather not be cynical (or realistic, for that matter). Not today at least. Because today is the first day of a brand new year, and I’d very much like to spend it believing that anything is possible. A n y t h i n g!

Will I finally learn to speak German and not sound like Obi Wan Kenobi (thanks husband for the spelling)? Will I enter another road race, maybe even a Marathon? Will I do NaNoWriMo again and get past the half way point to 50,000 words? Will I see old friends and make new ones? Will I do good things to help others? Will I get Captain Anxiety under control, or at least demoted to Lieutenant? Who knows? But I might.

Obviously such things don’t simply happen to you. You have to work at them, with patience, motivation and dedication. Ah, there’s the tricky bit. But just believing it’s possible, believing it’s within your capability, is the first hurdle crossed.

I plan to cross another big hurdle soon too. For me, anyway. And that’s sharing my blog via Facebook or other so that people who know me can read it if they want to. They might/probably won’t want to. And that’s fine. But I shouldn’t be ashamed. I got two gifts this Christmas that included nice pens and journals – those closest to me get that I love to write and don’t care if I am any good or not. I really felt supported and encouraged by that. Oh, and there’s another thing you need: a bit of propping up. My blog is a bit wobbly at the moment, no real direction. But that’s okay. Because it could be better. If I work at it. If I ride this wave of New Year optimism and see what shore I land on.

So, how is 2015 going so far? Well so far I’ve done some washing up, made a cup of tea and wrote this post. Pretty good, cheers.

Happy New Year

Here's me, happy in one of the places I get to call home/
Here’s me, happy in one of the places I get to call home.

3 thoughts on “Good Morning World! How Is 2015 So Far?

  1. I had no idea what a great writer you are! Every line I read makes me smile, but at the same time leaves me thinking about it again…plus, I sooo hear you, I mean it is almost like listening to a recording of you, when reading your lines. Great stuff, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!! Sandra


    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to write (and read!). I feel very grateful to know such supportive people. Maybe one day I’ll be writing posts in German (one day, a really long time in the future.) Thanks again. Happy New Year. Helen x


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