Feeling Okay, Cheers.

While I’m not sure what it means to be a mental health blogger, and while I’m even less sure if I am one, it’s nice, once in a while, to focus on being okay. Not on top of the world because something amazing happened. Not celebrating a success. Just okay. Coping. Happy.

It can be easy to sail from flying high to dipping low. Even easier to desire nothing but the first and dread the second. But what about the happy mediums? The days when you’re comfortable in your own skin, cope with those things that go a bit pear shaped, and find something to laugh or smile about. Those days always need valuing. Those days are vital. Perhaps not something to write home about, but something to treasure in the evening over tea and biscuits. Something to be thankful for.

It all too quickly gets on top of you, this life thing. It overwhelms and empties. But it is wonderful and beautiful and fun. When life is quiet and calm, when you’re okay, sit back and enjoy. Just for a little while.


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