The Journey of Everything But The Kitchen Sink

We're all on a journey.
We’re all on a journey.

Ten months ago, I publicly asked myself why I chose the name Everything But The Kitchen Sink. The conclusion was that it summed up my need to check, plan and be sure I had everything. It also made reference to a time when I would spend several minutes checking everything before I left the house, even resorting to taking pictures of the “off” oven or packing my hair straighteners in the car to avoid needing to go back. A pretty dark time.

Back when I began this blog, it was a mental health blog. Pure and simple. It was a reason to write, something that might attract an audience, resulting in more reason and motivation to write. And writing was my outlet, my hobby and my stress buster. It brought together my desire to be creative with my need to process some ideas and feelings about my mental health. There were lots of similar blogs out there, but that didn’t matter. What mattered was that keeping a journal was not enough anymore. I wanted to be brave, open and part of the discussion.

So far, so good, and to begin with I enjoyed picking areas relating to general anxiety disorder (GAD), depression and so on to post about.  However, I soon found that, having committed to writing a blog, I was inspired to write about the different, odd, little things that happened to me and around me. I began observing the world around me through new eyes. I started travelling with a journal, making notes and writing about things that inspired me, however insignificant.

This led to posts about travel and books. It led to new ways of examining anxiety. I’ve dipped my toe into the water of creative writing. I’ve written about a mishmash of somethings and nothings. My fear that writing and sharing a blog is somehow crass self-publication have all but faded. No one has to read it. However, I do feel like I have to write it. Because, these days, I regularly find myself running into inspiration. I look at things more critically, more imaginatively and go through draft after draft figuring out how to use words to capture a moment or sight that excited me.

As this has been going on in the background, I feel like celebrating how Everything But The Kitchen Sink has remained a perfect name for my blog. I love finding something in average moments that make up days, and being inspired by every day occurrences that make up life. And I plan to keep writing about anything and everything. And maybe one day, I’ll even write about my kitchen sink!


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