The Bad Run Analogy/Metaphor

I started this post by Googling the difference between an analogy and a metaphor. Then I decided to employ a bit of both and get on with it.

This morning I went for a run and it was hell! My legs had no bounce, by back ached and my energy levels were beeping like a phone out of battery. (Yes, that is a simile, I know). It was the longest I’d run since my half marathon three weeks ago – about 10 km – and I was determined to get around it, get back some fitness and start pushing myself again after taking it easy lately.

By about 5 km, I’d had it. The route allowed for several short cuts, bringing me home with anywhere between 6 and 8 km under my belt. It was tempting, but I decided to press. And press on I did because often these efforts, when we’re out of puff and ready to call it a day, are worth much more that any easily won accomplishment.

It’s like with anything in life, often it’s the Bad that make the Good better. Happiness is not a state, it is a comparison. It is not a destination but part of the journey. These 10 km slogs that take well over an hour and leave me feeling like I never want to run again are some of the most important. They make the good runs, great.  Those days when the world seems out to get you, you start of late and fall behind, fall down even, make getting up more of an achievement. They make the light at the end of the tunnel the candle on the celebration cake.

So now, with the 10 km of sweat from this mornings run long since washed away and the pain in my back eased with some indulgent (and hard earned) stretches, I’m ready to try again tomorrow because if the next try is better, then, even if it’s still hard, I’ll be happier.

Life is made up of sprints and marathons, free falls and up hill climbs. It is the contrast of these elements and the way we weather the storm. Naturally, we wish for more good than bad for ourselves and those around us. However, if it’s bad but you can still put one foot in front of the other and go forward, the pace doesn’t matter because, one day, it’ll pick up and the flying will feel all the better for it.


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