We Could Cycle to Ladenburg…

There are always things that you could do, many more things you should do, but today is not about that. It’s not about the garage you would eventually like to clean out, the box under the bed you could organise, or the paperwork you should file. It’s about those things you know you could do, things that you would probably enjoy, but never quite get around to.

Yes, it’s easy to say you should travel more, but time, commitments, and finances, mean it’s not always that simple. But what about the world that is right there on your doorstep, cheap, if not exactly free, and ready to be explored? Being a tourist in your own backyard is so easy, but also easily forgotten.

Ever since moving to Heidelberg, we’ve been quite good about exploring far afield, trying to make the most of this new place around us. There have been a number of city trips, a larger number of Weinfests and a few boat tours. A running joke has always been my idea to cycle to the nearby town of Ladenburg. Every public holiday, of which there are many in April and May, we’ll sit down and go through the possibilities. City Break? Yeah, but shops etc are closed. Boat trip? Hmm, but we’ve been up and down the Neckar three times already. Cycle to Ladenburg? We could, but…

And there’s always been a reason to not go. That reason has tended to be a hearty mixture of a laziness, rickety bikes, and not enough of a pull. I mean, what’s even there? What if we get there and it’s boring?

Well today, when train services interrupted our original plan, we decided it was time to oil the bikes, pack the camera, a spanner and a bike pump, and hit the bike trail.


Maybe it’s obvious where this is going, it’s not a great epiphany or anything but our effort to leave the house, coupled with 45 minutes of cycling paid off and left me wondering why we hadn’t done this sooner. The ride itself was fun – beautiful scenery enjoyed nervously with the sound of my husband’s bike’s gear changes protesting against the work and threatening to give up. We were able to ride side by side most of the time, just enjoying being out. It didn’t take long to come to the conclusion that the destination was irrelevant when the journey was so much fun.

But we needn’t have worried, as bike track became road, we wound gently into this quaint and welcoming town not 12 km from our front door. Our efforts were rewarded:

We were amused by a drainpipe wearing a scarf..,


we were enchanted by a pizzeria in a cave..,

IMG_0989and charmed by this lovely little town.IMG_0997Spending two hours doing something nice nearby may not be life changing  or mind altering, but now I’m home, I’m ready to make a list of all the other things we could do locally, the places we should visit.

No, scratch that. All the other things we’re going to do locally with the aid of some bicycle oil, a spanner and a bit of get-up-and-go!



2 thoughts on “We Could Cycle to Ladenburg…

  1. Hello!
    I am English and have been living in Germany for 8 months now (about 45 minutes from Heidelberg!). I have been to Heidelberg a few times now and it is such a beautiful city! Particularly in the snow! One of the things we enjoy about Germany is the amount of Weinfest/ Weinachtenmarkt which encourage you to explore new places! It is also great how easy it is to get to places by bike!


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