A List of Things: Home & Away

It’s only been a few months since the last time I was in England, but I find myself back again, this time for work. It’s odd, being home without seeing family, staying at a conference suite and seeing English ‘delicacies’, such as black pudding, served up to delegates from different countries. It’s nice to see home through a different lens, though.

On the whole, Germany and the UK aren’t that different from each other. Landscape, weather, food, culture, even to some extent, language. I always think Britain and Germany have more cultural similarities than home does with other European countries like France, Spain, and Italy, for example. That said, there are funny little things that are different, which always amuse me. Things that don’t matter. Things that are fine in both places, but noticeable, observable, and therefore worthy of being put into one of my favourite things. A list. A list of things I sort of, kind of miss about home, but don’t think about most of the time…

1. Bank machines telling you your balance. This is a useful thing. Even when I don’t really need to know.

2. Ordering beers at the bar. Or if you’re in a particularly dive-like or cheap pub, ordering food at the bar.

3. Traffic comes from the other way. People walk on the left along pavements and up stairs. I like not always being the salmon, going against the flow.

4. Being able to turn things off at the plug without having to take the plug out. (Given my anxious nature, I always take the plug out anyway, but it’s nice to have the choice!)

5. Being able to buy headache tablets that cost less than a bottle of water. From a corner shop.

6. Small packets of crisps.

7. Houses that aren’t rendered. I kind of miss bricks. Kind of…

Seven silly, small things. Things I won’t think about for weeks and weeks. Things that have no importance, but make me smile.

This list calls for more lists in the future. There are definitely at least seven things I’d celebrate about life in Germany. But for now, I’ll enjoy home whilst I’m here, expecting the rain, being optimistic that it’ll stay fine, and getting dressed to the hum of BBC breakfast.



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