A (Re) Introduction

I signed up for Blogging 101. Yippee. Now all I have to do is use their prompts and challenges to find something to write about. Hmm.

The first assignment seems fairly straight forward though: who are you and what are you doing here? So that’s my about page, right? Oh. I had a difficult enough time writing that the first time round, you want me to do it again?

It’s hard because a year or so into my dabble in blogging and I am still struggling with it. Why aren’t I just keeping these ideas, musings and reflections in a notebook for my own reading? Is it not arrogant to think that anyone else might want to read this drivel? And yet, I keep going. And I keep sharing and I keep getting a buzz every time one or two people read (and better still, like) what I write.

Digging around a little in my mind, I found that there are a few reasons why I am here, writing this blog, and they link to who I am. Or rather who I am not.

Reason 1: I am not a very creative person with anything other than words. (And even there, I stumble and trip quite a lot.) Writing gives me a creative outlet that no other medium allows. I’m not musical or artistic. I can’t act, sing, paint, draw or dance. I don’t get a lot of enjoyment from those areas either. Now I am not saying I can write particularly well either, but there is something about playing with words, finding the best combinations and losing myself in the rhythm of writing that captures me. Now I could do this privately, in pretty coloured journals, but writing for an audience makes me more accountable, more measured, and more considerate in what I am saying. I like trying to write things that clear my head, relax me, and might, might, just be something that someone else wants to read.

Reason 2: I am not a very outspoken or strongly opinionated person. That’s not to say I don’t have opinions or am a push over, it’s just  I like to weigh arguments, think about things carefully, and consider different angles. I am terrible at confrontation. But writing allows time for reflection. It gives me the time I need to first work out what I think, then how I want to say it. I can change, adapt, even delete it if I want. That gives me a lot of comfort.

Reason 3: Writing and blogging are a (really) small way to perhaps, maybe make a really small difference somehow. There are many issues in the world I care about, and maybe one day I’ll be able to write about more of them. Right now, I tend to focus on things to do with mental and physical well-being, especially anxiety. Having always been an anxious person, and having spent a lot of time trying to understand it as well as working on being more balanced, it’s a topic on which I feel confident writing. One day, I’d love to write fiction well, or write about deeper, more political or environmental topics. But I’m cutting my teeth on a subject I know, care about and think is important.

So there we have it: my first Blogging 101 assignment and a little reintroduction to me and why I created Everything But The Kitchen Sink. It meanders through silliness, creative writing and reflection as I attempt to write respectably, interestingly, occasionally humorously and give people something, however small or insignificant in the long run, to think about.

Onwards and Upwards!
Onwards and Upwards!

3 thoughts on “A (Re) Introduction

  1. I’ve looked at quite a few of these ‘blogging 101’ posts and yours is the first I have read the whole way through. I like the way you write. Will have to check out a few more of your posts as what I have looked at so far is very entertaining and readable.


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