Hey Reader, Are You Looking For That Balance Too?

Life is big. It exists in every shade of every colour, in every size of every shape. Life is hard by degrees. Chances are, however hard it seems for you or me, it’s harder for him or her, where him or her could be the guy sat next to you on the train or the child over the other side of the world scratching around for something to eat.

Life can feel complex and testy, like a Monday morning when you’re staring down the barrel of three meetings and a deadline on a diet of a bad nights sleep and a broken coffee machine.

Life can feel simple, easy and oh-so-obvious. Whether it’s time spending time with people you love, doing something that takes you off into your own, peaceful world or discovering something profound in the every day, there are moments, days even when it all just makes sense. Those are the days you want to bottle, to ingrain so deeply in your mind and memory that they act as the tonic to every bad day, every sadness, every irrational frustration and overreaction.

And between these polar states, there is a balance to be found. Most of us know that the supermarket being out of our favourite brand of coffee is not the universe’s way of making a bad day worse. We realise that, compared to so many, our lives our peachy. I know that the anxiety I experience daily is very much a first world problem. But while putting problems into perspective is always a good idea, building your own happiness on the foundations of the other people’s misery it unlikely to be very secure. So, where to go from here…

Well, it’s all about the balance. Life will, inevitably, throw odd days at you where you can’t see outside of your own room. The curtains are drawn, the windows and doors locked and you’re trapped for a while. Sometimes it’s fine to pull the duvet over your head and go back to sleep. Life will also throw up more days where you can see outside, take time for something that is good for you and perhaps good for someone else too.

I’m ready at the moment to write about bigger topics, to politicise or otherwise my blog. However, my thinking is that if writing improves my balance, it could just maybe help someone else improves theirs, and hopefully a better community and world lies at the feet of better balanced people…


wpid-20150702_210223.jpgThe Light and The Dark



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