Gain Time

Think about all the time that gets wasted and sucked in by fruitless activity. Then imagine what you could do if you utilised, not pulverised it… Let’s take leaving the house first thing in the morning. Five, maybe ten minutes gets caught up in checking. Wallet, keys, phone. Check, check, check. Oven (that’s not been on for over 12 hours!) – off; Curling iron – cooling. Fridge door – closed. Imagine all the things you could do instead. Let me think:

I could leave more notes for my husband, telling him how much I love him. Or I could leave him a note reminding him to buy milk on the way home – sealed with a kiss, naturally.

I could write more. Epic tales of wondrous lands. Or more accurate shopping lists.

I could read too. Devour novels by the masters, the greats. I could read poems and ballads and novellas. I could flip through a glossy magazine and discover my true inner nature by answering a few yes/no questions. I could, I could…

I could take time over breakfast, have an extra cup of tea, a second coffee or boil an egg.

I could watch the sunrise, my dearest sleeping, the news, the dust on the window sill. Anything. Anything would be time better spent than in the awkward dance of anxiety. Imagine the time gained if we snapped out of these restraints? Imagine…

Another coffee...
Another coffee…

3 thoughts on “Gain Time

  1. I do exactly the same things you do. I check I have my purse, I have to locate my keys, I check I haven’t left my straighteners on ( I don’t use curling tongs myself) I even check the fridge door is shut properly as it is a new fridge and I am not used to it just yet. And yes I check the oven is off too. So I would totally agree that if I didn’t have to do these things, I would most definitely have another cup of coffee too.


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