Life Lessons Tucked Into Simple Snapshots

What pearls of wisdom are hidden in your photo collections? When you think about the advice you give others, can you think of a snap you took that captures that idea perfectly?

When writer’s block hits, I turn to my camera and photo collections for some writing inspiration and general silliness. Presenting…

Life According To The Lens

1. When life gets touch, grab a stick.

Thanks to R. Carter for the photo
Thanks to R. Carter for the photo

2. Often, there’s more than one way to get thereIMG_0975

3. Look where you’re going, not where you’ve been. Especially helpful if you are prone to tripping over.IMG_0381

4. Never judge a breakfast by its shades of beige.


5.  Sometimes there is just no rhyme or reason.

Photo thanks to RDP
Photo thanks to RDP

It’s a small start on the road to tip-top advice. Perhaps you’d like to share your photo and tag lines too?


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