How Irresponsible!

Only checking the door is locked once, or maybe twice, but definitely not three times.

Leaving the house with a phone charger plugged in. Scandalous. And you were out of the house for over half an hour. Anything could have happened.

Reading an E-mail through just three times before sending. Three times! That’s not enough, surely, to make sure you got every comma, every split infinitive, every passive voice. Rebel you.

Not unsticking the envelope to make sure you spelt the name right on the birthday card. Bad friend. Unfeeling relative.

Not checking the iron is off at all. AT ALL. It may not have been on for three weeks, but it was lying around last time you saw it, taunting you. For how long do you envisage this cocky behaviour lasting? You’ll have to step it up sooner or later.

Spending time in the here and now rather than going back over today’s conversations, meetings, greetings even. You’ll never know if you said the wrong thing. Never.

Can you cope with that?


Because this is anxiety irresponsible-style. Anxiety light, in moderation: Checked, not obsessed.

Sure… enough.

Happy enough.

See how the dice rolls...
See how the dice rolls…

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