I’ll Walk… It Takes Longer

With somewhere to be in just half an hour, and so much to do before tomorrow dawns; With a to do paper as long as my arm and another ten things that didn’t even make the list: It’s easy to panic, to rush and to hurry. It’s easy to go forth with more haste and do nothing at speed.

It’s harder to stop, to pause and take stock. It’s hard to find time to take the time to yourself. So today I’m working on slowing myself down. I’m turning off my phone to look at the view. I’m not doing anything else until I’ve read twenty pages of my favourite book. I’m leaving the washing up to jot down some ideas. I’m walking to the meeting, not taking my bike. I’m going slower deliberately, taking the long way round. The to do list’ll be waiting whenever I get there. But I’ll get to it at my own pace, when I’ve had a minute to myself. wpid-20150909_195400.jpg


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