Oh, So It’s Not Just Me!

On a bad day:

You can spend all day every day around people and still feel isolated.

You can talk to different people, of different ages, from different backgrounds, and still feel like no one else is like you.

Like no one else gets it.

On a bad day.

But, there are other days. Not so bad days. Good days. Great days.

Days when you have a wonderful moment of clarity. Those thoughts that keep you awake at night. Those behaviours you’d really like to stop. They’re more common than you think.

So lots of people get “worry hangovers

So lots of people check things they know are off.

So lots of people wash their hands three times before they leave the house.

So lots of people tap the front door three times before they leave.

Lots of people.

And maybe you do it more than you’d like.  And maybe you’d rather do it less. Definitely you’d like to feel better about it. For sure.

But finding out it’s not just you stops you feeling such a freak. Being able to talk about it, even indirectly, is a comfort like no other.

You can talk about mental health without really talking about it.

You can help someone without really knowing it.

Sunshine After The Rain
                                                                             Sunshine After The Rain

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