Motivation, Mistakes and Honest Endeavours

I never made a mistake in my life; at least, never one that I couldn’t explain away afterwards.

Rudyard Kipling

Everyone makes mistakes. All the time. Big ones, small ones, far-reaching ones, slow-burning ones. To claim your life is mistake free is quite a declaration.

But to affirm that the mistakes you’ve made can be explained, justified even, now that’s a little different.

When things go wrong, there’s a propensity amongst many to punish themselves. There’s a need to get to the bottom of the error and ensure it’s avoided in the future. We want to make sure we’ve taken full responsibility and suffered for the error of our ways.

Kipling makes us think again. In our endeavours, however big or small, when we are motivated by good reasons, we are allowed to make mistakes. Doing something in error with our heart in the right place is the most forgivable of sins. When the reasons are honest but outcomes not as one had hoped, there is room to learn and grow.

Mistakes are made all the time. There’s no need to shy away from them. Take the responsibility and be encouraged and forgive yourself in the knowledge that your reasons were good and your intentions true.


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