Not Every Picture Tells A Story


I’ve loved this picture since the moment I took it. I love that the background is out of focus. I love that you can see my reflection in the mirror. I love that the focus arrow is pointing away from the eye piece.

I’ve been saving this picture for the perfect post. I felt sure that it would fit snugly somewhere, sure that this blog would wander to a post that needed this picture. Either that, or it would be an antidote to writer’s block, pulling out and shaping ideas when the going got tough.

Neither has happened. And yet I love this photo. And I want to share it and talk about it.

I want to write about how I’ve never used one of these pay-to-use telescopes at the top of hills the world over. I want to write about my curiosity as to what happens when the money runs out. Does a lens snap shut? Does it blur out? I want to write about how I wonder if you can see my house through this particular eye piece. I want to write about how different things look close up and far away, like a date you’ve been putting off that finally turns up.

I want to write about lots of things, but the focus has gone. The ideas, though aplenty, are not growing beyond seeds. There’s no water or sunshine helping them along.

And yet, 230 words later, I am ready to hit publish


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