Oh, The Things I’ve Written

Years of diary writing, journal keeping, and now a year or so of blogging mean a lot of my words are out there – tucked in drawers in my childhood bedroom, collecting dust on book shelves or in this corner of the Web that I’ve claimed as my own. Sometimes I love picking up a notebook and reading the girl I was back when; mostly I hate bumping into that awkward 15 year old. (Probably because she’s still so familiar – clueless, gawky, worried but still pleasantly optimistic!)

Still, I reckon in all my years of writing, I’m on about a 10% success rate. That is, 10% of what I’ve written doesn’t make me cringe enough to want to stop. The other 90% I can delete, ignore and burn. Today I found a couple of things while flicking through some old journals, and, as ideas aren’t flowing in the present, I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane and share some samples of my previously unpublished word doodles:

Number one comes from the following writing prompt: Your first time in a foreign country.

It’s hot. Really hot. And it smells… different. But look, there’s a McDonald’s , so we can’t be in a place too different. Still, we should probably leave the airport before making a judgement.

Right, some nice lady from Newcastle has told us to get on Bus 321, which will stop at our hotel. The driver, a local, is apparently mute. As we head along the motorway, the Geordie lass does all the talking.

Our hotel is nice… looks like it did in the brochure. I like Spain.

Number two is short, sweet and also from a writing prompt: If I were an artist, I would paint: A story.

Number three is a list of things that make me happy. I think I wrote it about a year and a half ago. It bought back some good memories:

  • Getting married
  • Mum and dad visiting
  • Any quiz night
  • HD gatherings with pink fizz (I am not sure why it had to be pink, but it must have been important at the time!)
  • Dinner at L and D’s
  • Saturday tea
  • Sunday brunch

Writing takes so many shapes. It’s creative and reflective, comforting and inspiring. It’s cringe-worthy at times, but when you look back and find these things to make you smile, to remind you of who you were and where you planned to go, it’s well worth a red face every now and again.



One thought on “Oh, The Things I’ve Written

  1. This is such a beautiful post. Sometimes it’s hard looking back at the things you wrote, and the person you were but every so often, you surprise yourself .


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