Sit on it; Think on it; Cry on it; Remember on it


Walk to it; Walk from it; Meet at it; Seek it.

Read the plaques, knowing to someone that this unoriginal bench was their spot, their place that mattered for whatever unique reason we’ll never know or understand. Their place to share with you.

You, weary walker, lazy stroller, day tripper.

In need of a rest;

In need of a moment;

In need of peace.


2 thoughts on “Bench

  1. Love this. I always read the benches when I have time for a little dawdle.. Made me sad recently to find out that in Edinburgh, for example, you don’t really buy a memorial bench you just lease it.. And so it can be taken away if your descendants/friends/partner/etc doesn’t pay up to renew lease. Logically I know that the space is finite but it still made me a little sad. Lovely post anyway, really touching.

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