Banana Pancakes

Spotify and similar have revolutionised listing to music. For better or worse is yet to be seen. I know so little about this topic that I won’t comment. What I will ask, though, is: how great is it when you select the random play button and trip over a few songs into a wonderful memory? How exciting or how bittersweet or how funny can it be when shuffle takes you to a long-forgotten song or genuine blast from the past?

We’ve all done it. Skip. Skip. Shuffle. Sk.. wait a minute. What’s this? It’s that song, isn’t it? That one that we listened to on that holiday. That one that I played on repeat for months ten years ago and haven’t listened to since. That one that makes me cry. That one that was his favourite, our favourite. That one that was the story of that time.

But why write a post about finding long-lost songs and call it Banana Pancakes? Well, I just stumbled over a track of that name by Jack Johnson from the “In Between Dreams” album. I loved that song years ago, long before I had anyone to wile away lazy mornings with eating pancakes. I loved rediscovering it because of what it legitimises: taking some time over an indulgence – like pancakes for breakfast – and shutting yourself off. Just for a little bit.

The album’s on shuffle now, it’s dark outside and I’m cosy in front of my laptop. The evening’ll need to start soon, and that’s great, but right now, I’m all about the days of banana pancakes and turning inwards for a few minutes.

All thanks to the random shuffle button.


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