Seasons of Change

November blazes into action every year in a rush of golds, yellows, reds, and oranges as far as the eye can see. It’s a month of change, of shedding and preparing for Winter. A time for readying and reckoning. The nights get longer, the days shorter. The twenty four hours remain, but time feels squeezed tighter, the darkness drawing you home sooner, encouraging hibernation. Then, as November becomes December, there is a collective sigh of acceptance as the last of the leaves finally fall to the ground, the most stubborn finally loosing their battle with nature. We must accept that Winter is here, December rules.



December. The month that smells of cinnamon and ginger. The time that tastes of home cooking, of sweetness and wine. December is the hiatus. The pause. The only month when the next month seems so far away, the calendar ending, rather than the page simply turning. We ready ourselves for a season of saying goodbye, of cleaning out and taking stock before January sets in. Most of us won’t even have the new calendar, let alone see the sense in pinning it up yet. Not yet. Not ready.

The new year is less than four weeks away, though. Less than a month. Yet there remains a sense of deferring, of snuggling down in soft blankets, cosying up with friends and waiting for this month to pass, before it, whatever it is, all begins again. But…

But, December needn’t be the end of something, neither need January be the start of something. Because if something needs ending or beginning, then now is probably the right time. Nature might have gone to sleep, but we can blossom whenever we want. We can burn that letter forever, start on the road to that dream, get back on whatever horse we fell off. Pause, Play, Delete. The buttons are all there, ready for selecting.

Of course we can wait too. We can wait until January for our resolutions if we need the time now. We can wait until February or May or August. If the hibernation is what we need now, we should take it. But if there’s something there, on your mind, in your heart, that you want to change, now is always the right time.

Nature changes with the seasons. We needn’t follow that timetable.


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