Mindfulness Over Matter

It’s been a while since I asked for anything specific for Christmas. The last time was probably when I was about 18 and I decided that I needed my own suitcase. (A wise but ridiculously boring choice… although that wheel along case did serve me well.) Normally, my sister and I agree on the “oh you know what I like; clothes, jewellery, the usual.” And it’s true. As a rule, we are good at picking things for each other. My sister is the person I like shopping for most because there is always a wealth of things to choose from. For me, however, this year was different. This year, I knew what I wanted.

I wanted a colouring book and pens.


Most people will have seen the books I am talking about by now. The mindful colouring books, the relaxation/stress busting ones, or, as the one I got is called, “The Little Book of Calm Colouring.”

And it’s perfect. It’s pocket sized, full of beautiful designs and inspirational (okay, occasionally cheesy, but I love cheesy) quotes.



I know it’s not Christmas yet, but, as we’re not spending Christmas together, my sister agreed I could open my present early.

I haven’t been more delighted with a gift since we got the Sylvanian Family picnic bus (Google it) back in 1990 something.

In fact, I am writing now, because I was sat here (in Tokyo airport) on two hours of sleep, colouring. And as I coloured, I got the urge to write. Ideas popped into my head. Ideas about  calm and collectedness – refreshing too after a day or two where I have been anything but. I thought about picking out colours with care, taking my time, crafting and persevering to a beautiful end. I wrote in my mind and I coloured with my hand.

Yes, it’s only a colouring book. Yes I am excited about the trip ahead (final destination, Australia.) But right now I am focussed on something a little simpler.

Take my time. Taking some time out…

The only thing I am worrying about is if my sister will like the gift I got her as much as I like the one she got me!



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