What Friends Are Made Of…

Similar, well-matched, yet unique and interesting. The recipe of a good group of friends.

Friendship. Friend. A word banded about more often than it should be, perhaps. Don’t be confused, this is not a negative tale, far from it. It’s just some words fit other people better, reserving friend as a title to be awared, set aside for those immovable people in your life that aren’t family. Acquaintances and colleagues can be special, no doubt. There can be people new in your life, who you know one day will be a friend, but don’t really warrant the name yet. English needs a word for that.

Real, true, forever friends are the most magical of things.

They come in all forms too. There will always be those early friends, those ones you may even have grown apart from, but that you’ve known the longest and remain a constant. The ones who knew you before you really knew yourself. You’ve both changed and are both frustrated by the lack of contact, but they remain a friend nonetheless.

Then there are old friends who will always remain good friends. Those who saw you fly the nest, those whose lives you follow with interest and love. You might follow from afar, through E-mails and other modern media, but follow you do, ready to step up in times of challenge and join times of celebration.

A good friend is always a two way street. A good friend is someone who is good to you and good for you; it is someone for whom and to whom you want to be good too.

Friendships can be years in the making, decades even as trust is won and memories are created. They needn’t be though.

They can also be about people who meet and it works, purely and simply. It can be created when humours click, interests overlap sufficiently for shared and laughter-filled conversations, but leave enough room for debate and discussion. These are the people in whom you have immediate faith. Instinctive trust.

Friendship is is a phrase, a sentence, with many a possible ending depending on whom you are talking about, the place or the circumstance.

You see right now, Friendship is family. It is travelling almost 16,500 km to have a beer or see a movie. It is feeling so at home you start washing up and doing laundry.

Friendship is knowing you can sit quietly and read a book, scan the news or play on a phone in companionable silence whilst knowing easy conversation and fun are just up ahead.

Friendship is knowing you never need be lonely, even when you are alone.



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