30 Things

  1. I was born with many chances awaiting me. Not all are so lucky.
  2. Picnics, never lunch at the cafe, are a lesson in being prepared.
  3. Garden-rules cricket means you can’t be out first ball. After all, life is about second chances and learning from your mistakes.
  4. If you cook Sunday lunch, you don’t wash up. Because, life is also about team work.
  5. Checking things lots doesn’t ward off the bogeyman.
  6. You don’t need to find yourself. You are right here. Showing that self, now that’s trickier.
  7. Friends will come and go but the ones that stick are the ones who you want to stick.
  8. Some places will always offer things to discover. It’s okay to go back to somewhere or something you love.
  9. You never really leave home; you just gain extras. Where there is love and a bed for a night, you have a place to call home.
  10. Going somewhere is almost always a good idea.
  11. Although staying at home can be nice too.
  12. It can work out just fine if you’re first boyfriend ends up being your only boyfriend.
  13. Relationships work when you change at the same time. Or when you like the changes the other makes.
  14. Romance comes in various shapes.
  15. You never, ever know what goes on between two people who love each other. And neither should you. That is their secret and the secret to their happiness.
  16. Love looks funny too sometimes. It can look like silence or washing dishes or making cups of tea.
  17. You are lucky if your job is character refining and making, but it should not be character defining or breaking.
  18. Some hangovers are worth it…
  19. … but sometimes you don’t need half as much as you think you need.
  20. Planning is good
  21. … flexibility is better.
  22. Travelling and learning are synonymous.
  23. Train stations on a Sunday night are the saddest of places.
  24. Being met at the airport or off the train makes the journey worthwhile.
  25. Anxiety is one way our body tries to take care of us. Forgive it when it overreacts.
  26. Worrying is best put off until there’s something to worry about.
  27. When there is something to worry about, action trumps worry hands down.
  28. Card games and board games are timeless.
  29. A tidy home can not compare to a tidy mind.
  30. Saving the best ’til last is terrible advice. Eat the Yorkshire puddings while they’re still hot and leave the veggies until last; start off with the expensive whiskey before you’ve had too much to appreciate it; and do what you love first, leave the cleaning until later.
Yippee for birthdays, lessons and life!

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