Cross My Mind

I like this song at the moment. It’s one of those songs, you know the ones, that you come across by accident and end up listening to on repeat for the best part of a month, only to abruptly stop for no reason at all. It’s called Cross My Mind by Twin Forks. It’s chirpy and it’s catchy. It’s a sing-a-long chorus with verses that take a listen or two to decipher. It’s just a song that I like and it goes like this:

“I won’t ask you for too much,
Good conversation and such,
And if I’m being honest…

From time to time
You cross my mind.”

Your mind is funny like that, isn’t it? The way people can cross it. From one side to the other in a casual saunter, without looking at the traffic. Stopping the traffic sometimes.

It happens at the oddest of moments too. Like when you see an advert that you know X from home would laugh at. For a moment, they cross your mind with such warmth, it’s like they are there.

Or what about when you go to finish the line in a favourite film and realise the person you are with has no idea how funny it is? Your friend, hundreds of miles away, appears on your shoulder and whispers in your ear, finishing the line with you. You laugh alone, but you don’t feel lonely.

Sometimes, however, these crossing visitors do make you feel lonely. Like when you look at the calendar and know it’s a tough day for them, or just too long since you talked. Sometimes they don’t so much as cross your mind as arrive and set up camp. A longing to chat, just have a simple conversation, nests in the pit of your stomach, heavy and sad.

Sometimes these crossing travellers arrive to remind you of the simple things you need. Like the song says, I won’t ask you for too much. Good conversation and such… Because often that’s the thing you need. A chat, a natter, or a real conversation about how you really are with the people who know who you are.



Thirty years is a long enough time to meet a lot of people. And a lot of people are crossing my mind lately:  Some have travelled home from just up the road on the memory of a special weekend  Others have travelled further, some from the other side of the world. They leave me lonely sometimes, happy often and grateful always that there are so many people popping by, crossing my mind.


Caution: Memories Crossing

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