Rainy Sundays, Before the World Wakes

Inside, the hotel restaurants are humming. Cups clinking and cutlery clanking provide the backing track to the chatter of happy travellers. These tourists, awoken refreshed, sit and watch the world from inside, ready to explore as soon as the rains stops, as soon as the second  cup of coffee hits the spot.

Outside, Sunday has begun only for a few: the ones who must be up with the dawn to go the bakeries and drive the buses; those starting long journeys back from a trip, no time to explore further; or those having to start their week early, miles to cover before a Monday morning meeting.

Before ten on the last morning of the weekend, the final day of the week and most of the world remains in the warm, avoiding the April showers, ignoring the week on the horizon. Meeting places, usually hubs of noise, sit bare, still. No one is out yet. No one is getting together quite yet. No one needs a spot to rest and look out for a friend.

He waits alone.

Before breakfast on a rainy Sunday morning, and the world is the oyster of the early riser. Bikes, usually busy, lean here and there, their bright colours all seeming grey in the drizzle. As a lone observer, a wandering early-riser, there is a chance to see the town quiet, to see the world slowly waking up, reluctantly facing the rain.

For it is a chance. With so few people around, every person is a mystery. With so few people around, the streets become the rain’s dance floor, spattering un-rhythmically to nature’s tune. Nature itself, becomes an unexpected showman. The mist on the hills demands attention it would never normally get from busy weekday commuters. The spring flowers, not realising the world around them is grey, shine on regardless. Shine all the more in contrast to everything else: a rare speck of brightness on a dreary day.

Come rain, we still shine.

So while bed might be better, or a hotel in a new corner of the world, if your Sunday takes a different shape, if the rain, the mist and the quiet streets are your companion, take from it what you can. Start your day as best you can, grey or otherwise. There’s magic in every moment.


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