Better Brewed Than Stewed

An idea is like a tea bag: they are both full of potential, but require the proper attention to ensure their dormant energy is properly utilised. They can both warm you and refresh you. They can offer you comfort or be a tool for comforting someone else. But a tea bag on its own, like an idea, is not a lot of use.

You need to add stuff.

You need water, something to invigorate the idea, ensuring it defuses into something useable.

You might need sugar or milk or lemon, something to make the idea more palatable and enjoyable.

Then you need a little patience. Like tea, ideas need time to brew, time to develop and to edge towards perfection.

What they don’t need, however, is to be left to stew.

Leave the bag in too long with too little attention and the tea is spoiled. And ideas, like tea, when worried over or treated hesitantly, when left too long or not stirred enough, become missed opportunities, might-have-beens.

You’re left with an idea topped with a bitter film, hinting at what have could have been if only you’d have intervened sooner.

Brew your ideas fully. Think them over with care. But don’t think for too long. Don’t let thinking become over analysing. You might just wait too long and be disappointed.

Ideas: for best results, add water and allow to brew. Add sugar or milk to taste. Sit back and enjoy.




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