Sshhh Now

“Speak only if it improves upon the silence.” Mahatma Gandhi

Silence is like fresh snow at dawn after a wintery night: it’s ripe for improving with a well-executed snow angel, but easily spoiled by rushed, inattentive steps. A failure to think, an inability to restrain one’s self and a moment of purity quickly becomes sullied sludge.

Learning to value the silence, cherish the quiet, and hold your tongue is as important as learning to speak eloquently.

Understanding when to speak, when to listen, and when to wait in stillness each have equal merit and are each useless without the other.

Holding back words that breed negatively and bitterness bring strength and a clearer soul.

Delaying the gratification of getting raw emotion out can lead to a better understanding of the raw emotion within.

Saying only that which has value inspires and ignites.

Being able to argue with a view to moving discussion forward turns complaining into constructive change.

Knowing when silence is good makes you brave enough to break those silences that seem impossible to break.

But most importantly, being able to be silent affords you more ears when you do speak.

What does silence look like?

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