Autumn Sundays 

The day starts slowly. No rush. No alarm. Just the gentle transition from asleep to awake as the body determines it is rested enough.

Breakfast is equally leisurely. Pyjama-clad and on the sofa with time for a second cup of tea or a third slice of toast. There’s time also to let it go down, to sit and to ponder the day ahead. A day minimal in plans but full of potential.

The breeze and the sun work together perfectly, making a morning run as comfortable as it is beautiful. The light on the hills illuminates the forest, the leaves already changing, the colours beginning their yearly show.

Well earned now, after kilometers of jogging, a hurried shower and a late brunch becomes an early lunch. It’s down by the river now for a meal with a view. Baskets of warm bread pass unobtrusively between friends, followed by butter trays and pots of jam, all gradually emptying, satisfying hunger, tempting us all into greed. 

Two cups of coffee later, and it’s time to part ways for some errands must be done in the late Sunday afternoon sun. No matter, it’s okay, the day is yet young.

As evening meanders in, the time is perfect for cooking up a feast for the week ahead. Warm as the late September sun might be, the cool of the evenings tell us summer has departed. So it’s time to chop onions, carrots and squash, and fill the house with the smell of autumn arriving. 

Finally the night draws in with a flurry of activity. We need tomorrow’s bags to be ready, lunches all packed. Ready for Monday,  a new week, and a new set of challenges. 

There’s still time though, an hour or two, to squeeze some rest from this weekend, to top this cake of a day with a gleaming cherry. There’s time for some TV, a book or a film in pyjamas on the sofa,  the day gone full circle.

Just a few more minutes left of the waking day, windows closed now against the cold night air, shutters down and house cosy, before an early night. A night of sweet dreams of sunshine and autumn leaves falling.


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