It was love at first sight.

There he was, all three kilograms of person, with a squished up face and wrinkled hands, and I was smitten.

Head over heals.

He doesn’t say much. Although he has some strong opinions about sleep and food, apparently.

He doesn’t do a lot either. He lies there. He wriggles. He pulls the funniest faces.

But I am bowled over.

Our relationship is a virtual one, eyes meeting across a thousand kilometres and a computer screen. My eyes anyway. He tends to be asleep, eyes shut against the bright, shiny world.

But I’ll spend many a happy hour staring at that screen until we meet in person.

And I’ll spend many a happy moments flicking through photo albums and collecting updates, looking forward to the day when those wrinkly fingers wrap around mine.

Well, hello, little man. I think a lot of you.

Yes, hello, little man. I’m so happy you’re here.

You’re so innocent, so shiny and so new.

Hello, little man, here’s to the best for you.

The face of the in-love. Thank goodness for modern technology!






One thought on “Hello

  1. Such a sweet post and picture! Congratulations, auntie! :-)) I’m so glad that we have access to technology where we can be so far away and yet still see our loved ones. It has definitely made being an expat/immigrant that much easier.


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