Just Another Winter’s Day 

The air is clean and crisp, the sun bright and deceptively cold.

Bundled up in hats and scalves, the coolness brings on rosy cheeks and watering eyes.

Berries in primary red and pure, white frost sparkle against the brittle leaves and dried-out ground.

Squirrels are drawn to bird feeders, defeated by the cages designed to keep their greedy paws out. The few birds that make an appearance dart about, seemingly to keep warm whilst pecking daintily at sunflower seeds.

It is a December day, like the ones gone before and the ones to come. It could be any winter’s day, from November to February. This one, however, is special. Special because it is the one right now that I can enjoy. Special for being the day that is this minute and this moment. It might be soon forgotten, might be unremarkable in the grand scheme of life, but with the sun low and the air clean on my face, this day is never to be had again. And it is for this reason that I breath a little deeper and walk a little slower,  to enjoy today and be grateful for what is both remarkable and unremarkable, memorable and forget – able. Grateful for what is today. 


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