I Heart Mondays

Monday is a really underrated day. Seriously. Yes, you have to get up early after a weekend of lie ins. Yes, you have to go back to work. And yes, from here, Friday seems a long way away. But that’s just a symptom of our overly-busy lives. Really we should be glad that we both have jobs to get up for and weekends to look forward to.

That aside, I also love Mondays because of Monday evenings. Monday evenings are a legitimate time to do nothing. No one goes for Monday drinks. Monday is not an exercise day, a cleaning day, a shopping day or a work-late kind of day.

Monday evenings are about eating dinner and watching TV. They’re about calling family and nesting on the sofa. I almost never have plans on a Monday, never have to be anywhere or see anyone. I can be in PJs by seven and in bed by nine thirty and no one cares.


Celebrate Mondays, if you can, because counting them off and wishing them away is no way to live.

Here’s to Mondays, the hard-done by day that just wants to be appreciated, every once in a while.


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