Three Piles of Laundry

Where once there were two piles of laundry piled high in the room, now there are three. A trio of vaguely folded clean clothes, a symbol of all that has changed. In less than three weeks. In no time at all. We two became three.

Now there are three voices to be heard.

Now there are three sets of well-being to consider, to balance.

Now there are three contributions to every decision.

Two, not one, smiling faces to enjoy. Two people, not one, to love and to care for.

Life changed in the space of that one long night and one long day. Click. Just like that. Covered in goo and squirming around, just under four kilos of matter and it all altered. Life became harder, of course. Yet every challenge is outweighed by a reward that can’t be measured, pushing tiredness from our eyes and worry from our minds.

Three sets of fingers and three sets of toes. Three hearts and three minds.

Three piles of laundry now, instead of two. Since two became three became one.



One thought on “Three Piles of Laundry

  1. I really like your blog post! It is so true! You rush to hospital still only the two of you and you come home…ta,ta, as three!!! 😉 Every cry, every rough moment is forgotten as soon as you look at your own baby! Glad you can enjoy this very precious time!

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