A Day In A Line

Lately,  I’ve struggled to write more than a shopping list, and even those have had more spelling mistakes than is permissable. However, I’ve managed to keep up with my One Line A Day; A Five Year Memory Book (the subtitle being essential to avoid it sounding like a programme for reducing cocaine use…). Each page of this pocket – sized notebook has five spaces. Five canvasses to store memories over five long years.

Depending on how creative you are with the space and how small you write, on a given day it is possible to write four or five sentences. A succinct snap shot of a day in your life on this Earth. A way to keep track, score, and record the many things that make up the whole that is an individual’s life. It’s a cute and easy idea. 

Except it’s not that easy. There’s no space for nuance. No room for explanation. It’s the who,  what, where, when, and maybe why of existence. And it makes you think. 

What was it about today that I want to remember? 

What was special, great, challenging or hard? 

What set today apart from any other day? 

I’m not saying everyday has to be headline worthy. I’m not deluded into believing everyday has to be the best yet. But, there should be a little something in every twenty four hours that’s worth noting. It needn’t be happy, magical or  groundbreaking, but it’s a sign of having what you need if in each day you can find something worth remembering, something to be grateful for or want to hold in your mind,  however sad, silly or mundane. If it mattered you, it mattered. 

So, it’s not quite noon, but already today I’ve got my memory:

O. slept well and I feel great! The sun is shining, my family are nearby, and I found time to write (about writing this diary!) Off out for lunch.  Think I’ll have chips!


One thought on “A Day In A Line

  1. Here’s one for a day you don’t have anything else: no matter when or where, you matter to me!
    Missing you terribly.


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