Every last sock, clean and not.

Every last pocket stuffed with stuff.

Big back pack with the items that could be forgotten. Hand bag with the essentials: passport, purse, keys.

On the face of it, we’re ready to go.

But as packed and ready, as excited for home, as organised as we might be, it’s hard.

We’ve done this many times, too many to count. Ten days that start with a tour of visits to say hello only to repeat the trips with goodbyes as the days tick past.

We talk all the time, but nothing beats sitting around the table and talking over the day. Pictures fly back and forth every day, but nothing beats pictures with all of us in.

Yes, we’re packed and ready, of course. But more important than wash bags and chargers, cardigans and sweaters, the memories are packed tightest. Memories of giggles and smiles, long lunches, coffees and chats. So many chats, about the big stuff and the small.

Yes, the memories are packed tight to be treasured and to keep us going until the next time. 


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