Sit on it, naturally.

Eat a sandwich there. Sip a coffee.

Waste – no cherish – a lunch break there; value time doing nothing.

Catch up with a friend. Chat about what matters and what doesn’t.

Take the weight off your feet. Rest your tired legs.

Watch the world from a different level. Ignore the world, nestled out of eye range.

Sit in the middle, taking it all for yourself.

Perch on the end, an invitation to share.

Laugh there. Cry there. Sit there. Dream there.

In parks and on the banks of rivers. In town centres and lining market squares.

Paint. Write. Chat on the phone. Study. Read. Spend time with your thoughts.

In the shade or in the sun. Exposed to the elements or protected under the trees.

Smoke a cigarette. Enjoy a cup of tea. Wait. While away time. Gain a moments peace.

Yes, sit down, naturally. Sit and do. Sit and don’t do. But sit, the rest is up to you.


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