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blogger recognition award
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The Internet is such a cosy little place sometimes. I logged on to find this comment on my Blog: Hello, I’ve nominated you for the blogger recognition award… Don’t feel like you have to do it 🙂 It’s just to pass along blogger appreciation. Have a great day! It’s things like this that make this hobby blogging so much more meaningful and worth doing. It’s a small piece of recognition from someone you don’t know, who values the thoughts you craft and share with your Internet corner. So, with memories of the warm feeling this message gave me fresh in my mind, I’ll set about passing the kindness and compliments forward.

First of all, I’d like to send you to the blog that nominated me: Orange Pond Connects for fun and interesting reads by a Canadian who shares some of my favourite TV shows and films. (I challenge anyone not to love Little Miss Sunshine.)

The award criteria, original designed by Edge of Night suggests telling the story of how your blog began and giving some blogging tips. I’ve said quite a lot about the origins of Everything But The Kitchen Sink (see A (Re)Introduction) so I’ll not add to that today. I do have some blogging tips though:

1. If you’re worried your blog meanders from topic to topic in a haphazard fashion, just remember: the thing holding them together is you. 

2. The perfect is the enemy of the good. I’ve tried to reduce and eradicate errors in my writing – but we all slip up, type it’s instead of its, and we move on. Yes, accuracy helps and is important, but content over correctness wins out for me. (And that from a grammar-loving English teacher.)

3. Invest time reading other things by other writers. Community matters.

4. Don’t be embarrassed or apologetic with friends and family. They can chose to read your blog, ignore it, like it or share it. Jogging is another of my hobbies, and there is never any need to explain that.

So, now to my nominations:

1. 36 Views of Black Mountain – a blog I recently discovered by an Australian based writer.

2. Lucyabakes – a baking blog from a fellow ex-pat in Germany

3. Backpacks & Blackboards –  read about teaching and travelling in this beautiful looking site

4. A Year of Reading the World – Books! Books! Books!

5. Grow It, Catch It, Make It – Food, glorious food.

6. One Fifty – a writing blog built on a word limit.

I’m new to using the blogging pages for community type stuff, so will keep to these six for now. Before long, I hope to connect with and share the 15 blogs specified in the original award.  It’s nice to be part of something that uses the web for kindness. I hope it passes forward.

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